City of Thornton News Release Logo For Immediate Release:   8/19/2019
Contact: Communications Director
Todd Barnes, 303-538-7279

Thornton to launch Talk Thornton on August 23 gives residents an interactive look at city projects
THORNTON, CO… Beginning Friday, August 23, people will be able to access, a new place to get information and engage with Thornton regarding city projects, programs, and special events. “This isn’t just another web page,” says Thornton Communications Director Todd Barnes. “When you visit, you’ll get layered information about important projects, and be able to give your opinion, make suggestions, and see what your fellow residents think.” 

Talk Thornton is one of the most advanced tools in public engagement giving you access to presentations, videos, surveys, and offer input, without having to leave your home. “There will be dozens of important and fun programs and projects posted on Talk Thornton at any given time,” says Barnes. “Programs such as community and neighborhood programs; water conservation; parks and recreation; transportation, and trash and recycling, to name a few. Your feedback will instantly go staff and elected officials, the very folks working to make these projects a community success.”

Talk Thornton brings our community, and civic engagement right to the computer screen. “That means we’re going to hear from Thornton residents who haven’t engaged with us in the past, giving us a much deeper look at what residents really want,” says Barnes. “It’s an easy way to make the most out of what your community has to offer.” 

Talk Thornton will offer information, and users will be able to leave comments, take surveys, evaluate progress, and much more.  Folks can sign up at starting Friday, August 23 to get started with this new community engagement tool. 

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