City of Thornton News Release Logo For Immediate Release:   1/21/2021
Contact: Thornton Fire Assistant Fire Chief
Stephanie Harpring, 303-538-7616

Thornton Fire to Participate In National Community Risk Reduction Pilot Program

Thornton, CO… The Thornton Fire Department will participate in the second phase of a National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) pilot program to help identify high risks in our community and to prioritize and alleviate them. "This Digital Community Risk Assessment (CRA) tool will compile relevant data to enable our fire department to develop community risk reduction plans that incorporate five priorities - education, engineering, enforcement, economic incentives, and emergency response," says Thornton Fire Assistant Fire Chief Stephanie Harpring.

By participating in this program, Thornton Fire Department will have access to data that comes from 250 participating fire departments across the nation. The data illustrates each community's risks and hazards across a variety of categories such as demographics, geography, building stock, economics, infrastructure, and event loss history. "This will help our fire department leaders make data-informed decisions around fire prevention and other community risk-reduction activities in Thornton," says Harpring. "Access to this tool gives us invaluable information about our community's needs, and it's rewarding to know that using it will increase its effectiveness and ultimately not only help our department but other fire departments across the nation." 

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