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What's New?

Mobile Art in Thornton

In collaboration with K Contemporary, #ArtFindsUs - a mobile art experience recently traveled through the city of Thornton, displaying a photograph reproduction of artwork.

April 28 City Council Meeting

The 1506th Regular Meeting of the Thornton City Council. To see the entire meeting with agenda item jump to points visit: http://www.ThorntonCO.tv.

Thanking Local Healthcare Workers

TFD and TPD took part in a parade to North Suburban Medical Center in Thornton to thank local medical workers for their efforts during the pandemic.

Thoughtful Thornton

thoughtful thornton logo

Thornton has launched the Thoughtful Thornton campaign, giving residents some simple tools to help neighbors-in-need during Colorado's Stay-at-Home order. The campaign, found at gocot.net/thoughtfulthornton, features documents such as a flyer and postcards, in English and Spanish, that people can print at home, fill out with contact information, and tape to a neighbor’s door. These documents tell the neighbor that they are available and willing to help. “If people know a neighbor who might need a simple errand run for them, or just a friendly ear to listen, we believe these simple tools provided in Thoughtful Thornton will help make the connection,” says Thornton Communications Director Todd Barnes. There are also signs that can be printed from the campaign webpage that a neighbor can print and tape in their windows; green to indicate “I am fine today” and yellow to signal to their helpful-neighbor that they need some kind of assistance.

Thornton Water is Safe from COVID-19

Water pouring from a water faucet

Thornton's treatment plants utilize chlorine disinfection, filtration, and other processes to clean and disinfect drinking water against pathogens, including COVID-19. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, has determined that there is no evidence that COVID-19 is spread through drinking water. Even after your water leaves our treatment plants, it's still protected and monitored.Thornton water storage tanks and water lines have protective devices installed to prevent contamination, and the water itself carries a set level of chlorine that continues to maintain disinfection long after it has left the treatment plant. So, treatment processes, secure facilities, residual chlorine disinfection, and continual monitoring, means you can be confident that Thornton drinking water is safe and will remain safe. For more information, call Thornton's Water Quality Line at 303-255-7770 or email us at WaterQuality@ThorntonCo.gov.

Thornton Buildings to Close to Public

Thornton Building

Thornton City Manager Kevin Woods issued an emergency declaration for the city of Thornton, Colorado on March 13, 2020. The emergency is in response to the threat to the community presented by COVID-19 in Adams County and neighboring cities. In an effort to increase social distancing and decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Thornton’s Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center, Trail Winds Recreation Center, and the Thornton Active Adult Center will be closed until further notice. In addition, starting March 16, 2020, all Thornton government buildings will be closed to the public. The status for these buildings will be reevaluated in two weeks. Although no cases of COVID-19 have been reported or linked to staff or customers in any Thornton facilities, during this time, Thornton staff will conduct a thorough disinfection-cleaning of these facilities. It is the goal for Thornton to maintain its levels of service to the community as much as possible during this difficult time.

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