Thornton 8 Live streaming and on demand video from the city of  Thornton

​​​Thornton 8

On your TV - Scheduled programming

Want a great source for keeping up with Thornton?  If you are a subscriber to Comcast Cable, simply tune your television set to Channel 8 anywhere in the Thornton area. KTTV-8 airs city council meetings, coverage of local events and issues, as well as arts, cultural, and educational programming.​​​

Thornton 8 on your computer or mobile device

If you aren't a Comcast Cable subscriber -- or if you prefer to get your information on your own schedule -- you can Watch our Live Streaming and Video On Demand.

Thornton 8 Current Bulletin Board Slides

In addition to exclusive local programming, Thornton 8 also airs a community bulletin board that provides residents with useful, timely information like City events, contact information, programs and notifications. 

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