​Docket Information and Virtual Appearances

Court hearings will be held by in person appearance on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Trials to the Court, Jury Trials, and other designated hearings (Evidentiary, Contempt of Court, Fact Finding, ID Hearing, Jury Conference, Restitution Hearing and Sentencing) are also held in-person.

If you are appearing in-person/entering the Court building, please read the attached order regarding masks - Judicial Order 2022-04.


Most cases set on a Monday are heard by remote appearance. These matters are generally minor traffic or individuals facing a hardship to appear in person. 

To appear by video using Zoom, you will need to have an electronic device with an internet connection.  The preferred method by the Judge is the use of an iPad/tablet, laptop, smart phone, or computer that has a webcam/built-in camera with sound and video.

You may reference the Zoom remote hearing instructions for more information.  Puede consultar las instrucciones de audición remota de Zoom para obtener más información. Per the Judge, audio call only is available but not preferred method of use. Please be sure to test your connection and audio well in advance of your hearing.  

You can join a test meeting at: https://zoom.us/test.  First time users may be prompted to download the Zoom software, and should plan accordingly.

Please email the Court at TMCContact@ThorntonCO.gov to provide your citation number, name,  DOB, and email address to receive the hearing instructions. Please read the Advisement of Rights form (available in both English and Spanish) on the right hand side of the page prior to your hearing. If you are unable to participate in a virtual remote hearing, please contact the court for further instructions.


Walk-ins are welcome on any Monday (virtually by calling the Court) or Tuesday or Thursday in person between the hours of 8:00  - 10:00 AM.  Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian when appearing in municipal court, and parents may not represent or act as attorney for their child.


Monday remote hearings are viewable by the public, as well.  Please contact the Court at 720-977-5400 during business hours to receive information on how to observe remote hearings.