Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my ticket online?

Thornton Municipal Court participates with CitePayUSA which makes paying court obligations fast, easy and secure online payment of your ticket.  Visit the CitePayUSA website to pay online.

Can I pay my ticket prior to my court date?

Most traffic violations may be resolved by paying a fine found on the ticket. Those choosing to do so may pay by mail or in person at the Court Specialist's window. The Court accepts cash, checks, money orders, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card. The Court will also accept telephone payments by credit card. Payments online are also accepted through the CitePayUSA website.

*Please do not send cash by mail or place cash in the drop box. Cash may be submitted in person during business hours.

I missed my court date – now what?

Failure to appear or accept plea by mail before the appearance date listed may result in additional fees, a warrant being issued for your arrest or a judgment being entered against you and the points listed will be entered on your driving record. Until the judgment is satisfied with the Court, a cancellation of driver's license for accumulation of points/reinstatement fees may be applied and all outstanding money due will be sent to a collection agency. 

If you fail to appear for a court date, or fail to comply with a court order; a warrant may be issued for your arrest. A warrant is a legal document ordered by the judge that gives any law enforcement officer the authority to place you under arrest. Once arrested, the judge could do the following not inclusive: 1) You may be detained in any jail until your next Court date; 2) You may be given an opportunity to post bond and be released.

How can I provide proof of insurance before my Court date?

If you have been charged with not having proof of insurance and you were insured on the date you received the violation, you will be required to show proof that your insurance was valid at the date and time when the ticket was issued. To help expedite the process, please provide a letter from your insurance carrier (letterhead required) that shows that your policy was valid at the day and time of the violation.

You may provide proof either by mail to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office at 9551 Civic Center Dr., Thornton, CO 80229, fax: 720-977-5433 or email: All policies will be verified. Providing proof of insurance does not waive your requirement to appear. It is your responsibility to confirm whether your ticket has been dismissed before your scheduled court date. 

If you did not have insurance at the time you received the ticket or your insurance is not accepted (verifiable) by the Prosecuting Attorney's office, or the No Proof of Insurance is not the only charge on your ticket and you have not received/accepted a plea bargain offer on the remaining charge(s), you must appear in court on the date and time on the front of your summons.

How can I take care of an active bench warrant?

If you should fail to appear or fail to comply with a court order, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. A warrant is a legal document ordered by a judge giving any law enforcement officer the authority to place you under arrest for failing to appear or not complying with completing court orders. You may be given an opportunity to post bond and be released or you may be seen via video hearing or be transported to Court. You may also appear as a walk-in any Monday (virtually), Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 8:00—10:00 AM to address your warrant.

How can I post my bond?

Cash and surety (professional) bonds are the only types of bonds the Thornton Municipal Court accepts. Both types of bonds may be posted at the Court office during business hours Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding holiday). Cash bonds may be paid by cash, cashier's check, money order or certified funds. Personal checks will not be accepted. 

A bond is a legally binding document that a defendant signs, and serves to guarantee an appearance in Court. In order to be released from custody, a specified amount of money is posted, and a bond form is completed which indicates a return date and time for a court appearance. Failure to appear in Court at the date and time indicated could cause a forfeiture of the bond posted, and another arrest warrant being issued. 

A bond may be posted only for someone in the Thornton Police Department's custody, or for someone appearing at the court specialist's window. When the person is in custody at another agency, the bond must be posted at that agency since the bond requires the person's signature.

How do I apply for a Court Appointed Attorney?

Court appointed attorney applications are available, by request, at the Court Specialist’s window or you may Download the Court Appointed Attorney Application. Please request these forms as early as possible in the process of your court case. When a court appointed attorney is appointed to handle your case, there must be ample time for you to meet with the attorney, and for the attorney to prepare your case prior to appearing in Court.

How do I get a copy of my discovery (police reports, photographs, video, etc.)?

Discovery requests are processed by the City Prosecutor's office and typically take 7-10 days; however, some items make take longer (such as body worn camera footage and/or videos). Please make your request as early as possible in the process of your court case so you, or your attorney, have ample time to go over the documents/footage.  Discovery can be ordered through the City Prosecutor's office by completing a Fillable Discovery Form.

How do I get my records sealed or expunged?

Please reference the following documents regarding the sealing/expungement process on the Sealed and Expunged Records web page: Adult Advisement, Adult Non-Conviction Advisement, and Juvenile Advisement of Expungement.

How will my traffic ticket impact my driver’s license?

The Colorado points system is based on the age of the driver and type of license issued. The Motor Vehicle Department may deny issuance of a license to any person convicted of operating a vehicle illegally prior to issuance of a license. Questions regarding driver history information can be directed to the Department of Motor Vehicles at 303-205-5613 or by visiting their website:

How do I know if my appearance is virtual or in person?

Court hearings will be held by in-person appearances on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Trials to Court, Jury Trials, and other designated hearings (Evidentiary, Contempt of Court, Fact Finding, ID Hearing, Jury Conference, Restitution Hearing, and Sentencing) are also held in-person. Most cases set on a Monday are held by remote appearance. These matters are generally minor traffic or individuals facing a hardship to appear in person.

How can I contact the jury commissioner?

You may contact the Jury Commissioner by calling the Court at 720-977-5400 during normal business hours or you may email any jury related questions to

How can I request a Court record?

Court records are available in-person at the Court Office or by completing the online fillable Court Records Request form. For obtaining copies of records, at least one of the following is required (1) case number or summons number or  (2) name to be searched and date of birth. There are fees associated with requests for copies or requests that require significant resources. Please see the fees page for details.

Confidential materials including medical and certain juvenile records or other records that have been ordered sealed by the court may not be released by the court or may have redactions as required by law. Some requests may be forwarded to the City Prosecutor/Judge for review.

All court files closed for more than four years have been disposed of in compliance with our Retention Schedule approved by the State of Colorado, Division of State Archives and Public Records.