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​Paying Prior to Court

Most traffic violations may be resolved by paying a fine found on the ticket. Those choosing to do so may pay by mail or in person at the court specialist's window. The Court will also accept telephone payments by credit card provided that a signed copy of the plea has been received. Payments online are also accepted; visit Pay Ticket Online. By making payment, the person admits their guilt to the charge, or amended charge if the Court has made an offer. A record of conviction is then forwarded to the Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV). The DMV assesses the appropriate penalty points to each violator’s driving history, as established by state law.

Here are some things to remember when mailing in your payment:

  • Make sure to include your ticket number on your payment and make sure you are using the correct address. The court processes thousands of summonses each year, and it is important to ensure that your payment is credited to your case. There are many courts in Colorado and they all have different procedures. Thornton Municipal Court has two forms of summonses. One form is blue and begins with the letter T. The other form is white and starts with the letter E. Read the summons carefully to ensure you have the correct address.
  • Never mail cash. If you wish to pay in cash, please pay in person at the court specialists’ window during business hours. The court accepts checks, money orders, cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. We do not accept temporary checks. 
  • Always pay on time.  Late payments could result in a warrant for your arrest. Additional fines and fees are added to all cases that are not paid on time.

Proof of Insurance: Charged with No Proof of Insurance

If you have been charged with Failure to Present Insurance and you were insured on the date you received the violation, or are currently insured please provide a copy of your insurance, including the policy number, included driver, VIN and the effective dates of the policy. Write your Citation number on the copy submitted.

You may provide proof either by:

  • Mail: Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 9551 Civic Center Dr., Thornton, CO 80229,
  • Fax: 720-977-5433 or
  • Email:

All policies will be verified.

Providing proof of insurance does not waive your requirement to appear. If you have an additional charge or if your insurance is not accepted (verifiable) by the Prosecuting Attorney’s office, you will need to appear in court on the date and time on the front of your summons. The Thornton Municipal Court is located at 9551 Civic Center Drive.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding proof of insurance, you may contact the Prosecuting Attorney’s office at 303-538-7210. Please confirm that the home address on your ticket is correct and update any address information with the Court.