Finance Director Kim Newhart: 303-538-7255

​The Accounting Division handles the accounting and finance services for the City. In addition to collecting and analyzing financial data, processing invoices and payments, issuing invoices and notices, and managing the City's portfolio, this division prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable group processes most of the City’s invoices and payments. Checks are generally processed on Thursdays and mailed on Fridays.

  • For questions concerning City payments or outstanding invoices for vehicle parts or service, please call Bonnie Wise in Fleet Maintenance (First Vehicle Services) at 720-977-6340.

  • For questions concerning City payments or outstanding invoices for all other items, please call Carla Montoya in Accounts Payable at 303-538-7233.

Accounts Receivable

The City issues invoices or notices to customers and taxpayers for such things as water, sewer and trash service, sales and use taxes, false alarm responses, or Code Enforcement abatements.

  • For questions regarding a water, sewer or trash bill, please call the Utility Billing Division at 303-538-7370.

  • For questions regarding a sales or use tax notice, please call the Sales Tax Division at 303-538-7400.

  • All other questions and types of notices, please call Carla Montoya at 303-538-7233.

Annual Financial Report

Each year, the City prepares an annual financial report. The annual financial report is also known as the comprehensive annual financial report.  The comprehensive annual financial report includes several reports and financial statements including the independent auditor’s report, a list of City officials, an organizational chart, basic financial statements, a schedule of investments, and a statistical section. The statistical section includes information regarding City debt, property tax, demographics, and other miscellaneous facts.

  • For more information regarding the City’s financial statements, please contact Kim Newhart at 303-538-7255.

Financial Statements

In addition to collecting and analyzing financial data, the Accounting Group reports financial data to City management, its creditors, and the public in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The Group’s goal is to maintain an accounting system that both reasonably safeguards the public resources entrusted to the City and also provides accurate, timely, and relevant reporting.

Investments and Banking

The Investing Group is responsible for managing the City’s portfolio. The City’s investment policies are designed to maximize yield while ensuring safety of the funds and sufficient liquidity to cover disbursements and payroll.

  • For more information, contact Kim Newhart at 303-538-7255.