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ADA Transition Plan

Thornton has completed the initial effort of preparing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan to identify and rectify issues that may inhibit access around Thornton. This plan evaluated existing Thornton facilities and pedestrian facilities within the public right-of-way along with Thornton standards and practices as they pertain to accessibility. 

Click here to view the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan.

About the Project

As required by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 28 CFR 35.105, Thornton developed a formal Transition Plan to improve accessibility throughout the city. As part of this effort, Thornton retained an engineering consultant, Alfred Benesch & Co., to assist city staff in developing the ADA Transition Plan. 

Thornton developed a process for creating and implementing the Transition Plan. The first step in this process was to conduct a self-evaluation looking at existing policies and procedures as well as by inventorying and assessing existing pedestrian facilities to identify access barriers to persons with disabilities within the public Right-of-Way and city buildings. The inventory will assess and documented what facilities are present and in compliance with the applicable standards or are needing to be constructed or improved to be more accessible. Part of the self-evaluation process included a public outreach program to gain public input on and help identify particular existing areas of concern. Project information and public surveys were distributed to solicit input in 2020. 

The self-evaluation findings helped provide the framework for developing the city's ADA Transition Plan. Besides identifying the results of the self-evaluation, the Transition Plan will prioritize addressing the identified existing barriers and identify strategies for addressing them. It will also provide standards and guidelines for future improvements. 

What's Happening? 

The initial phase of the self-evaluation and draft of the Transition Plan has been completed and is now posted for public review and comment. 

Get Involved! 

The draft of the Transition Plan is now available for public review and comment!  Please click the link above to view the current draft and send any feedback or questions to either of the individuals listed below.


Bill Rush
City of Thornton Project Manager
Director of Risk Management
(303) 538-7306

Jess Hastings
Consultant Project Manager
7979 E. Tufts Avenue, Suite 800 Denver, CO  80210
(303) 771-6868