​Lawn & Garden Tips

Did you know that your lawn or garden is a potential hot spot for stormwater pollutants? The most common contributors are fertilizers, pesticides, grass clippings and raked leaves.  Here are some simple tips to help protect our waterways.

  • When applying fertilizers or pesticides, use sparingly and only when needed. Also, consider using organic alternatives, like compost or manure, to chemical application fertilizers.
  • Think before you spray; don't spray pesticides around any storm drain, or waterway. Also make sure to avoid spraying before or directly after storm events; otherwise the chemicals will be washed directly into the storm drain.
  • Set the mower height to 3 inches or higher. Taller grass slows the rate of runoff and will produce a deeper and denser root system.
  • Keep clippings and chopped leaves off the street, and out of the storm drains: When introduced to our waterways they decompose and act as major pollutants by increasing nutrient levels to unsafe limits for fish and other aquatic life.