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Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Map - Current and Future

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) provides for cost-effective design and construction of capital projects. The city's CIP includes projects that provide an enhancement to the quality of life for citizens or results in the reduction of the cost for ongoing maintenance. The city maintains a five-year plan, which is updated annually. Projects include improvements to transportation, city facilities, trails, and the water, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer systems. This site includes major CIP projects that are of interest to the pubic. The city also performs ongoing maintenance projects that are not included on this site. Please click on the link above to get more information on current and future CIP projects.

5-Year Capital Improvement Project List

Stormwater Utility 5-Year CIP Plan (2021-2026)
Construction Projects Status Stormwater Fee Contribution
  Local Drainage Improvements
  - Concrete Drainage Repair (yearly)
  - 91st/Yucca Drainage Improvements (2021)
  - Lakeview Estates Drainage Improvements Phase I (2022)
  - Lakeview Estates Drainage Improvements Phase II (2023)
  - 96th/St. Paul Drainage Improvements (2024)
Design Phase
(2021 projects only)
  Niver Creek Drainage Improvements Design Phase      $3,180,000 (2020)
Total Cost: $3,600,000
 Hoffman Way Drainage Improvements Design Phase $2,940,000 (2020)
Total Cost: $3,330,000        
  York Street Bridge over Big Dry Creek Design Phase $1,060,000 (2020)
  Todd Creek Drainage Master Plan Update 
  (Partnership with MHFD)
Future Project $100,000 (2021)
​ Hoffman Basin Flood Hazard Delineation Update​Future Project​$25,000 (2021)
​ Big Dry Creek Tributaries Major Drainageway Plan Update with MHFD​Future Project​$100,000 (2023)
​ Grange Hall Creek South Tributary Culvert and Detention Improvements at Washington St​Future Project

​$300,000 (2023)

$180,000 (2024)

$2,065,000 (2025)

​ Niver Creek Tributary N Imporvements at Huron St​Future Project​$402,000 (2026)