The City of Thornton offers many opportunities for citizens to participate in activities to protect stormwater quality. Brief descriptions of some of the many volunteer programs and events that benefit stormwater quality are listed below:

  • Storm Drain Marking Program:
    The Storm Drain Marking Program is designed to raise public awareness of the connection between storm drains to local waters. These markers are small plastic disks with information such as "No Dumping – Drains to River" printed on them and are placed on storm drain inlets by volunteer organizations and city staff. The city also distributes door hangers with material that explains the program and provides information on alternatives to dumping.
  • Adopt a Street Program:
    This program allows groups or organizations to pick up litter along a designated street. The litter is picked up by the groups or organizations once a month. The litter is placed in a trash bag and left along the road for the city to pick up and dispose of at the landfill.
  • Electronic Recycling:
    The recycling program allows Thornton and Adams County residents to dispose of unwanted electronics. Residents can take their electronic waste to designated locations at certain times of the year for a small fee.
  • Tree Branch/Limb Recycle:
    The city provides a centralized location for city residence to drop off tree branches and limbs. The drop-off area is open to residents several times during the year.
  • Landfill Days:
    Landfill days allow residents to dispose of items that they cannot dispose of through their regular trash service. The service is offered at a designated landfill on specific dates throughout the year.
  • Paint Drop-off:
    This event is open to Thornton and Adams County residents. Residents can bring their unwanted paint to a designated location during special events.
  • Oil and Automotive Fluids:
    The city provides locations where citizens can bring automotive fluids and cooking oil for recycling.

If you would like to participate in any of these programs, please CLICK HERE.