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FUN FACT: Thornton has over 63.3 miles of on-street bike lanes

Colorado Safety Stop

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Read more about the regulation of bicycles approaching intersections in Thornton's City Code Section 38-492.

Suggested Cycling Routes in and around Thornton

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Bicycle-involved crashes decreased in 2019. This could be attributed to the Colorado Safety Stop and the city’s commitment to increasing the availability of on-street bike lanes. The data is preliminary and research is ongoing.

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Our mission as a community is to ensure the availability of a broad range of services using all available public and private resources. Thornton will provide for a high quality of life by being responsive to the physical and human requirements of its citizens through innovative leadership and planning. The City of Thornton is a supporter and member of Bicycle Colorado.

Where can I secure my bicycle?​

Find out where bike lanes and racks are located within the city here.

What is Colorado Safety Stop?
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