RTD FasTracks Through Thornton

The North Metro Rail Line is planned as an 18.5 mile electric commuter rail that will run from Denver Union Station through Commerce City, Thornton, and Northglenn to Highway 7 in North Adams County.  RTD has awarded a contract for the design and construction of the 12.5-mile first phase; up to the Eastlake/124th Avenue station.

North Metro Rail Line MapDesigner/builder for FasTracks stations

There are eight stations planned on the North Metro Rail Line.  Six of them will be built under the existing contract.  Regional Rail Partners (RRP) has been selected to design and build the North Metro Rail Line to 124th Avenue.  As funds become available, the line will be extended from 124th to 162nd Avenue.

RTD participating with cities to develop their Station Area Master Plans (STAMP)

With six stations funded on the North Metro Rail Line, cities are working to plan the future surrounding area of each.  The City of Thornton recently completed the STAMP for the 88th and 104th Stations and is presently updating the 124th/Eastlake Station STAMP. Information about the STAMPs can be found on the Station Area Plans page.