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iWatch Virtual Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, iWatch meetings are held virtually using Zoom. Click on the neighborhood link under Upcoming iWatch Virtual Meetings to access the meetings. If you have any questions regarding the iWatch Speed Awareness Program, please contact the Traffic Engineering Division.

​iWatch Speed Awareness Program​​​​​​

iWatch Speed Awareness Overview

The iWatch Speed Awareness program is a partnership between the city and the residential neighborhoods to mitigate speeding in residential streets. The program requirements and overview can be found here.

iWatch Neighborhoods Receive 

  • Signs entering the neighborhood. 
  • Yard signs and other materials to visibly demonstrate your neighborhood’s participation. 
  • New technology approved for use in Thornton. 
  • The neighborhood listed on the city website. 
  • A direct number to call to report speeding drivers. 
  • Presentations to residents on speed awareness education. 
  • Traffic calming devices where appropriate and as permitted by city budget.

Joining iWatch is Simple

  • Neighborhoods agree to be our partner. We ask that 50 percent of the residents in a targeted neighborhood agree to participate and sign the iwatch pledge. 
  • Residents willing to report alleged speeders and provide Thornton Police with information. 
  • The neighborhood designates a contact (or contacts) to help maintain neighborhood participation. 
  • Neighbors hand out brochures to every house in the neighborhood. 
  • Neighbors provide speed reduction reminders in their HOA newsletter, website and other publications.

Neighborhoods that have been designated as iWatch Speed Awareness Neighborhoods:

  • 125th Avenue (Dexter Way to Eudora Street)
  • Aspen Reserve
  • Birch Avenue (First Street to York Street)
  • Brandon Place
  • Brantner Village
  • Cherrywood Park (West)
  • Deer Run (Northeast)
  • East Woodglen (115th Court)
  • East Woodglen (Birch Drive)
  • East York Villas
  • Fallbrook Farms (Northeast)
  • Fallbrook Farms (South)
  • Fallbrook Farms (Southeast)
  • Glen Eagle Estates
  • Grange Creek (Southwest)
  • Holly Point
  • Homestead Hills
  • Ivy Street (Holly Street to 138th Avenue)
  • Kentfield 
  • Kings Ranch Estates
  • Lake Avery Estates
  • North Creek Farms
  • Orchard Farms
  • Original Thornton (Eppinger Boulevard to Russell Way)
  • Original Thornton (Hickory Place to Cedar Court)
  • Original Thornton (Poze Boulevard)
  • Original Thornton (Race Street to York Street)
  • Original Thornton (Russell Street to Vine Street)
  • Parkwood (South) 
  • Quebec Highlands
  • Quebec Run (North)
  • Quebec Run (South)
  • Race Street (97th Ave to 100th Ave)
  • Rancho Viejo (East)
  • Riverdale Heights
  • Riverdale Park      
  • Sage Creek
  • Sherwood Hills (West)
  • Skylake Ranch (Central)
  • Skylake Ranch (Southeast)
  • Sundown at Skylake Ranch
  • Terra Lago (Emerald Estates)
  • Villages at Riverdale (North)
  • West Woodglen (Woodglen Boulevard)
  • Woodbridge Station
  • Woodglen Meadows
Upcoming iWatch Virtual Meetings