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North I-25 Express Lanes Project

In the summer of 2016, the Colorado Department of Transportation began a $97.5 million project on I-25 between 120th Avenue and E-470/Northwest Parkway to implement the second phase of the North I-25 Express Lanes project. The first phase of the project has been constructed and extends from US-36 to 120th Avenue. The second phase of the project will continue utilize the existing infrastructure to expand the capacity of I-25 by adding an HOV/tolled Express Lane in each direction on the inside shoulder of the interstate. The project will also make drainage and utility improvements and install an auxilliary lane along northbound I-25 to connect the 136th Avenue on-ramp to the 144th Avenue off-ramp to help drivers merge more comfortably between the two interchanges.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

CDOT is responsible for the highway system and bridges. This department takes care of plowing snow, removing graffiti and repairing pavement on the state highway system. 303-759-2368 |

I-25 North Express Lanes Project
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