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Lines, Hydrants & Meters 

Transporting water from the stream, to the treatment plants, to your home requires teamwork by a skilled utility staff. Water Supply, Plant Maintenance, Meter Maintenance, Meter Reading, and Water Distribution employees work together for one common goal - to provide the residents of Thornton quality water everyday.

Did you know?

The city is replacing 25,000 residential water meters with meters that are compatible with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology. The replacement meters will be able to track hourly water usage data instead of monthly. This means the city—and water customers—will be able to detect water leaks and other high-water issues much sooner than in the past. For more information click here.


Thornton has over 4,900 hydrants.  The City's Hydrant Flushing Program is conducted once per year and cleans the entire waterline system to improve water quality. The program also ensures proper operation of each fire hydrant.

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Water Distribution  

The Water Distribution staff provides maintenance of 585 miles of water lines and related facilities, such as fire hydrants, valves and water taps. They also provide response to customer calls for water breaks and water pressure problems.  If you experience problems with pressure or need to report a water break please call 720-977-6500 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or after hours and weekends.

​Meter Maintenance 

Meter Maintenance and Meter Reading personnel provide all services with regard to water meters. Meter readings are obtained using electronic devices and electronically transferred into the billing system. New meter pit inspections and meter installations are provided for new homes and businesses prior to occupancy. These requests are scheduled through Utility Billing to ensure all applicable fees are paid. You can contact Utility Billing at 303-538-7370 if you have questions about new service or changes in your existing service.

Water Supply and Water Plant Maintenance 

​The Water Supply and Water Plant Maintenance staff works together to maintain 63 miles of supply ditches and 11 reservoirs.  Continuous monitoring of six pump stations, two water treatment plants and eight potable water storage tanks ensures utility customers uninterrupted water service.

If you have any questions or concerns about Thornton water infrastructure, email us at or call Utilities Operations at 720-977-6500.

Important Numbers

  • Report a Water Break - 720-977-6500
  • After Hours Emergencies - 720-977-6500
  • Water Lines Maintenance - 720-977-6500


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