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​​​​​Water Treatment

UF Membrane
Pump Station

The Wes Brown Water Tre​atment Plant, a 50 million-gallon per day facility, uses advanced water treatment processes including state-of-the-art ultra-filtration (UF) membranes to remove suspended solids in the source water down to .04 micron. Along with pre-treatments in the reservoirs, vigilant environment monitoring, and a myriad of technologies, the process provides pathogen-free high-quality drinking water. 

Clarifier - After chemical additio​​n to the raw water supply, four clarifiers helps settle sludge (chemicals attached to dirt particles) to the bottom, while cleaner water flows to the surface and is carried to the ultra filtration membranes.

UF Membrane - The Wes Brown Water Treatment Plant's state of the art membranes filter the clarified water to further clean the water of pathogens and viruses. Placed end to end, there are over 14,000 miles of membranes in the treatment plant!

Pump Station - The final treatment process is disinfection. The City of Thornton uses Chloramines (Chlorine and Ammonia) to maintain a disinfection level in the distribution system. The Wes Brown Water Treatment Plant is also home to a 60 million gallon per day pump station, which pumps finished water to the distribution system for customer use.

In addition to the Wes Brown Water Treatment Plant, the city also operates the Thornton Water Treatment Plant, which is a 20 million gallon per day conventional plant with UV disinfection.

The City's Water Treatment staff are committed to providing clean, safe, potable drinking water to the City's residents and utility customers in adequate quantities to meet the needs of our customers. 

If interested in a water treatment ​plant tour, please see the following documents:   Tour Guidelines  &  Tour Waiver

If you have any questions about water treatment, email  or call the Wes Brown Water Treatment Plant at 303-255-7720.​