Mayor & Council

Thornton City Council serves as the legislative and governing body of the city of Thornton. The mayor serves a four year term and the council members serve staggered four year terms. Their terms start on the first city council meeting following their election. The mayor and council has the authority to adopt laws, ordinances, and resolutions as needed to conduct the business of the city, and by ordinance, may enter into contracts or intergovernmental agreements to furnish, receive services, or to provide for cooperative service delivery.

About the City Council

Thornton is a home rule city operating under the Council - Manager form of government. The city council consists of the Mayor, elected at large, and eight Council members, two elected from each of the city's four wards.

Janifer Kulmann
Mayor (term expires 2027)
Kathy Henson
Council member, Ward 1 (term expires 2025)
Justin Martinez
Council member, Ward 1 (term expires 2027)
Jessica Sandgren
Council member, Ward 2 (term expires 2025)
Roberta Ayala
Council member, Ward 2 (term expires 2027)
Tony Unrein
Council member, Ward 3 (term expires 2025)
David Acunto
Council member, Ward 3 (term expires 2027)
Chris Russell
Council member, Ward 4 (term expires 2027)
Karen Bigelow
Mayor Pro Tem, Ward 4 (term expires 2025)