Court Policies & Information

Conduct In The Courtroom - In-Person Or Virtual

Click on link to view the Thornton Municipal Court Judicial Order 2020-05 [PDF/98KB] regarding Courtroom Decorum; for both in-person and virtual dockets. You should appear promptly at the date and time of trial, or any hearings set by the Court. 

While in the courtroom, all cell phones and electronic devices are to be on silent. Recording, broadcasting, or photography is prohibited in the courtrooms without prior Court approval.

No one may enter the Courtroom with food, drink, chewing gum or use of tobacco or vaping products. Wear appropriate attire. While awaiting your turn to see the Judge, do not have conversations in the gallery. We recognize at times it may be necessary to bring children to court. Please monitor their behavior and keep them as quiet as possible.

Attending Court virtually, follow the virtual platform directions provided. Be in a location with strong cellular or internet service. Identify yourself when in the virtual meeting by typing in your full legal name. Eliminate distractions. Please find a quiet area, good lighting, and minimize interruptions by others. Mute your audio setting until it is your turn to speak. Participants should not attend court proceedings while driving. Your case may not be called right away and may take longer than if you were physically present. Please be patient. Making any video or audio recording of court proceedings is strictly prohibited.

Requesting A Court Appointed Attorney

You have the right to be represented by an attorney. If you are indigent, you may complete an application for a court-appointed attorney, and one will be assigned to you if your offense carries a possible penalty of jail. Individuals charged as juveniles are not entitled to court-appointed counsel but can hire a private attorney if desiring legal representation.

Court appointed attorney applications are available, by request, at the Court Specialist's window or by downloading the attorney application form [PDF/180KB]. Please request these forms as early as possible in the process of your court case. When a court appointed attorney is appointed to handle your case, there must be ample time for you to meet with the attorney, and for the attorney to prepare your case prior to appearing in Court.

When the application has been submitted, you will be informed to contact the Court within 7 to 10 days to see if your request has been granted. If your request is denied, you should know as soon as possible so that you have time to contact an attorney of your choice. If your application has been approved, the Court will notify you by mail (or email if one is on file), advising you of the attorney's name, address, and phone number that has been appointed to represent you.

The Judge reviews each application. Determination for granting a court appointed attorney depends on two factors. The first is whether or not a jail sentence is being recommended if a defendant is convicted of the offense in the case. The second determining factor is whether or not the defendant meets the state's indigence guidelines. If either of these determinations are not met, a court appointed attorney will not be granted.

Proof Of Insurance: Charged With No Proof Of Insurance

If you have been charged with not having proof of insurance and you were insured on the date you received the violation, you will be required to show proof that your insurance was valid at the date and time when the ticket was issued, please mail, fax, or email a letter from your insurance carrier (letterhead required) that shows that your policy was valid at the day and time of the violation. Please reference the samples of verification letters [PDF/196KB] the City Prosecutors will accept. The Prosecuting Attorney’s office will verify the information provided. If you have any questions or concerns regarding proof of insurance, you may contact the Prosecuting Attorney’s office at 303-538-7210.

You may provide proof either by:

  • Mail: Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 9551 Civic Center Dr., Thornton, CO 80229,
  • Fax: 720-977-5433 or
  • Email:

If you did not have insurance at the time you received the ticket or if your insurance is not accepted (verifiable) by the Prosecuting Attorney’s office, you must appear in court on the date and time on the front of your summons. If the No Proof of Insurance is not the only charge on your ticket and you have not received/accepted a plea bargain offer on the remaining charge(s), you must appear in court. Failure to appear in court on your scheduled court date may result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest. Other penalties may also be imposed, such as imposition of additional fees, points against your driving record, referral to a private collections agency, and/or incarceration. 

To help expedite the process, please provide proof prior to your court date. If the only charge on your ticket is No Proof of Insurance, and your vehicle was insured at the date and time of the violation, you may resolve your case without appearing in court. If the information is confirmed, your ticket will be dismissed and you will not be required to appear. (Providing proof of insurance does not waive your requirement to appear.It is your responsibility to confirm whether or not your ticket has been dismissed before your scheduled court date.)

Please confirm that the home address on your ticket is correct, provide an email address, and update any address information with the Court.

Giving Legal Advice

Court staff are not permitted by law to give legal advice. Court staff are not permitted by law to make referrals for posting bonds.