​Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)

The Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) program is a federally funded program through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).   Nonprofit housing organizations and government agencies  can use HOME funds to build, buy, and/or rehabilitate affordable housing or provide direct rental assistance to low- and moderate-income people. HOME funds have been used in the past to fund renovation and new construction of apartments for low-income individuals and families, rental assistance to help people gain self-sufficiency, rehabilitation of foreclosed or dilapidated single-family homes and down payment or closing cost assistance for first time homeowners. 


The City is a member of the Adams County HOME Consortium, which allows the City to direct HOME funds to future or existing affordable housing in Thornton and Adams County.  

How to Apply for HOME Funds

Nonprofit organizations or government agencies can apply for HOME funds through Adams County.  The Resource links to the right side of this page provide Adams County contact information and other information to assist with completing an application.  If your organization's affordable housing project will be located in Thornton, please let us know about your project. We can write a letter of support to Adams County if you are applying for HOME funds.   

Public Notices and Updates

Adams County is responsible for all public notification processes.  For more information on the public notification process for HOME funds, visit Adams County's website www.adcogov.org/community-development or call 720-523-6200.