Parks Projects & Planning

The Projects and Planning Division is primarily responsible for the planning and design of the city's parks and open space capital projects, implementation of the Thornton Parks and Open Space Master Plan, liaison with the Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission, and administration of grant program as it relates to projects.

Each year, the city receives requests from residents for improvements throughout the city.  During the annual budget cycle, an ongoing list is updated and reviewed for consideration.  All requests received during the current year, and requests from past years that have not been funded, compete for annual funding along with other city needs for roads, water/sewer, traffic, parks maintenance and repairs, etc.  For information on parks and recreation related capital projects in progress, please click on the Capital Improvements Project link on the right side of the page.

The Division also works with the Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission (POSAC) in implementing and updating the city's Parks and Open Space Master Plan, updating the Trails User Map and making recommendations to city council on acquisitions and development with parks and open space tax funds.