Personal Training

Your exercise program should be as unique as you. Schedule a one-on-one session with a certified personal trainer or registered dietician who develops an individualized program based on your current fitness level, needs and goals.

To begin the personal training process with the City of Thornton, please complete and submit the online Personal Training Request Form.

​​Trainer & Nutritionist Costs (sessions are good for either)

1 Session​$44$51
4 Sessions​$164 ($41 each)​$189
8 Sessions​$312 ($39 each)$359
1 Couples Training​$57​$65
4 Couples Training$213 ($53.25 each)$245
​8 Couples Training​$408 ($51 each)​$466

Meet Our Trainers

All of our personal trainers have a solid foundation in exercise science along with motivating personalities, making for a great combination for your personal fitness success!

Headshot of Frances Anza. There is a woman with short brown hair and her arms crossed standing in front of a brick wall.

Frances Anza

American Council Exercise (ACE): Personal Training, Instructor and Aerobics Instructor
Certificate of Completion – International Aerobic Education: Practical Resistance Training
Certificate of Completion – International Aerobic Education: Practical Training Flexibility
Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
Aerobic Training International (ATI): Certified Aerobics Instructor – Keiser Power - Pace Instructor

Born in N.Y. and raised in Puerto Rico, I have 25 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and I am a Former NPC Figure Competitor. Wellness is my lifestyle and I can help you achieve your goals in becoming a healthier, energized, fit version of yourself in order to live your best life, now!

Headshot of Stacy Burke. There is a woman with short dark hair smiling and standing in front of a brick wall.

Stacy Burke

Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science
American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer
American Sport Education Program (ASEP) Coaching

Stacy has lived in Colorado for over 30 years.  She loves to watch and play any sport she can and found a love for coaching after finishing her collegiate career in track and field.  Stacy's favorite activities include being with her family, hiking, camping, wall climbing and snowboarding.  Stacy believes exercise shouldn't be boring.  Through weight training, non-traditional exercises and proper diet adjustments, we can make positive lifestyle changes which will help you be a better you.

Headshot of Liam Delude. There is a man with short hair standing in front of a brick wall.

Liam DeLude

Certified Personal Trainer (MASM)

Liam has been involved in athletics since he could walk. Starting with gymnastics then transitioning to parkour, Liam has had an extensive interest in acrobatics. At age 14, Liam became a parkour coach and continued his parkour journey becoming a professional athlete at 16. Liam now has the added passion of resistance training to bolster athletic performance and wishes to help others become their best selves. Liam finds passion in having fun and finding joy in workouts both for himself and others.

Headshot of Sherry Roberts. There is a woman with short, blonde hair smiling and standing in front of a brick wall.

Sherry Roberts

Personal Training AFFA, Expert Training
Graduate of the National Personal Training Institute
Cycle Instructor, Expert Training
SilverSneakers® Certified

Sherry has lived in Colorado for over 40 years and left a 16-year career in orthodontics to pursue her fitness passion.  She has been an instructor and trainer now for 15 years.  Sherry loves running and is in the midst of completing a marathon in each state.  At the end of 2019, she will only have six more states/marathons to achieve this goal!  Other passions of Sherry's include hiking, biking and resistance training.

Headshot of Jewel Shoaga. There is a woman with short black hair smiling and standing in front of a brick wall.

Jewel Shoaga

NASM and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach
Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Gold license
Camp Gladiator Partner Trainer
Silver Sneakers Cardio, Classic & Splash
AFAA Cycle

I am married and I am a mother of three boys. Through my journey in life, I have had some major "Mount Everest" mountains to overcome. Thirteen years ago I decided enough was enough and set out to lose over 100 lbs. During that time I started taking group fitness classes and I was inspired to become certified to teach.  Once certified, I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one, in small group trainings, as well as group fitness and operating my own bootcamp. In the fall of 2019, I had to have two major abdominal surgeries in order to save my life. Since then I have been building back my strength. I know my dedication to being healthy helped me endure the months of recovery and I hope my story will encourage you as well. I Desire to Inspire YOU!

Headshot of Kim Street. There is a woman with tied up blonde hair smiling and standing in front of a brick wall.

Kim Street

Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA)
Certified Schwinn + Stages Cycling Instructor
Certified Kick Boxing Instructor (ISCA)
Certified Weight Training (AFAA)
Certified Aerobic Instructor (AFAA)
AAAI Pilates Instructor

Achieve and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle through progressive resistance weight training, proper nutrition, aerobic conditioning, stress control and recuperation.

Headshot of Mike Vigil. There is a man with a neutral facial expression, short grey hair and standing in front of a brick wall.

Mike Vigil

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
Weight Management Certification (ACE)
Sports Performance (ACE)

Growing up I've always had an interest in sports and athleticism. Football  has been my passion since the age of 8, and it helped fuel my drive into fitness. During my fitness journey, I learned how to break through many of my own struggles. I also learned that helping other people achieve their goals is motivational and exciting!  In 2012 I became a certified personal trainer. Specializing in weight management and sports performance. I believe in functional training with corrective exercise, flexibility, strength training, cardio and injury prevention. "Everyone has an inner athlete, lets discover it together".

Headshot of Diana Wiles. There is a woman with medium length brown hair smiling and standing in front of a brick wall.

Diana Wiles

American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer
USA Triathlon Coach
USA Swimming Coach
Ellis and Associates Licensed Lifeguard/Coach
Nautilus Equipment/Aerobics Certified

Diana is a native Coloradoan who has 37 years of fitness experience.  She is a USA Triathlon Coach, coaching both youth and adults and a USA Swimming Coach, coaching the local year round Thornton Frogs Swim Team.  She also has been a strength and conditional coach with college-level baseball teams.  She has competed in numerous local triathlons and take a cross-training approach to her own fitness.

Diana believes that a good trainer will help you discover a balance of physical activity and good eating habits that will benefit your life.  Even though you may not be training for an event, you are always training for life.

Kayla Cittadino

NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
US Parkour Coach Certified
SPOTTED Ninja Coach Certified
Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM)

Kayla started her journey in 2018 when she went on a 75lbs weight loss journey. What started as a means to better her health then turned into a deep passion, and Kayla has successfully left her corporate career to help others better their physical and mental health. She now is a certified personal trainer, a ninja warrior and parkour coach and a local wellness business owner. Kayla is most passionate about helping others find joy in movement, building strength and building an unstoppable mindset.

Tony Carril

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
Group Fitness Instructor (CG)
Nutrition Specialist (ISSA)

Tony was overweight for most of his life. Then a life-changing injury sparked a fire within him to train in order to enjoy a better quality of life as the years go by. He loves transformation and success stories. Tony would love to be the guide to your fitness journey! He also volunteers as the lead of Thornton’s Community Walks and is intent on growing a fitness-forward Thornton.

Meet Our Registered Dietician...

Laura Brieser-Smith

Schedule a one-on-one session with a registered dietician. Develop a healthy eating plan to stay fit, age well and prevent disease.

Laura Brieser-Smith has been a Registered Dietitian (RD) for over 20 years. Laura received a BS in Dietetics from the University of Illinois, a Masters of Public Health (MPH) in Community Health Education from the University of Northern Colorado and an Associate of Science (AS) in Sports and Fitness Technology from Denver Technical College. She is the owner of Healthy Designs, LLC and is an adjunct faculty member of both Johnson & Wales University and Front Range Community College.

Call Laura at 303-635-1131 to schedule your consultation.