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Welcome to Healthy Town - A Happy, Healthy Place!

​It's easy to be a resident of Healthy Town!

Folks who live here are stepping up to the plate to embrace healthy eating, active wellness, and life safety! Healthy Town residents make these healthier choices and improve their lives! It’s easy and fun to do, and you can be a Healthy Town resident too!

Just follow these tips from the town residents, and you’ll be healthy and happy in no time! Together, we can make healthy eating and physical activity a priority for all of Colorado’s residents in every town!

Let's meet the residents...and discover their secrets to great health!

Zack loves to ride his bike and stays safe by wearing his bike helmet every time.

His dad, Chuck, showed him the right way to wear his bike helmet, and taught him to watch for cars and make eye contact with drivers to make sure they see you.

Mom, Betsy, makes sure the family has regular doctor and dentist visits. Betsy makes sure no one drinks or smokes in their home – including grandma and grandpa. She tests the smoke alarms each month and once a year practices a fire escape plan.  

Adam is a Thornton Firefighter and makes sure kids practice a fire escape plan. He reminds folks to change the batteries in their smoke alarms and to keep medications out of kids reach. He helps parents install booster seats in their cars and reminds kids to wear a helmet when bike riding. 

Marcella stays fit by running the trails in Healthy Town. When “running” the family around she makes sure they are buckled in properly before she drives off. She stays hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day and stays away from sugary drinks. She uses the choosemyplate.gov website to make healthier food choices for our family.

Ethan stays fit by walking or riding his bike to school each day. He always goes to school with other kids and parents. His bike is fitted with wheel reflectors and headlamps for safety.

Spud reminds us when it’s time to go out for a walk. He needs exercise too!

Zoe loves reading books, but sometimes her backpack gets heavy! To avoid back, neck or shoulder injuries she knows that her backpack should be no more than 10% to 15% of her weight and wears it properly.

Joseph just received his driver’s license and stays safe by not texting and driving! He keeps the radio low so he can hear what’s happening around him. He doesn’t eat or drink while driving and buckles up every time!

Ruby encourages her kids to read, play outside, and limit screen time. She volunteers as a girl’s softball coach with the Carpenter Recreation Center, and makes sure the players avoid injury by stretching, hydrating, and wearing safety gear.

Albert takes his medications when needed and visits his doctor regularly. He makes sure his house is safe by removing all throw rugs, extension cords and clutter so his wife can get around with her walker. Albert installed safety bars in the bathroom for her safety too!

Albert stopped smoking, eats healthier, and joined Silver Sneakers at the Carpenter Recreation Center. It’s lowered his blood pressure and he’s lost a few pounds. He’s now the first one on the golf course at Thorncreek! 

Mason is working on his health by avoiding bad influences such as alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, and stays active by playing sports at his school. He stays hydrated by drinking lots of water and eats well-balanced meals cooked by mom!

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