Thornton/Northglenn Police Departments - Victim Services Unit​​

Volunteer Victim Advocate Job Opportunities

The Thornton-Northglenn Victim Services Unit is now accepting applications for volunteer victim advocates positions.  We're looking for compassionate, motivated individuals to join our team of Victim Advocates. Follow the link to learn ​more!

The Purpose of Victim Advocates

The Victim Services Unit is a shared program between the Cities of Thornton and Northglenn located in Adams County and has been in place since 1987.  The Unit includes 1-supervisor, 6 full-time advocates, and 27-volunteers.  Our staff is committed to ensuring all Victim Rights Act crime victims are aware of the rights afforded to them and to meet the department's responsibilities in those rights.  The unit also assists witnesses and community residents experiencing a traumatic non-criminal situation in an effort to allow a higher level of stabilization.  

A proactive, comprehensive victim-centered approach is implemented to meet each victim's individualized needs through on-scene crisis interventions and follow-up services.  Victims and witnesses often feel alone, isolated, and helpless and can find it difficult to ask and look for assistance.  In the days following the traumatic event, advocates can provide supports to include addressing emergency needs, providing referrals to services/resources, information of the Criminal Justice System and updates of the status of a case and so forth.   The unit's advocates are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond immediately to the scene of a crime, accident or victim's home at the request of a police officer.

The Colorado Victims Rights Act

The Victim Rights Act (VRA) ensures victims of crimes that fall under the VRA are afforded their rights to include being provided an active role in the Criminal Justice process and assures certain supports are offered.  Law Enforcement Departments are one of three entities with responsibilities under this law.  The core of the VRA is for victims to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect and to be informed, present and heard.   

For a full list of VRA Crimes and Rights click on the link in the top right-hand column...

The Division of Criminal Justice, Office for Victim Programs oversees VRA compliance and can be contacted at 303-239-5719 if you feel any of your rights have not been provided.

Call us directly to reach a Victim Advocate

The unit's Victim Advocate Specialists will make referrals to services/resources based on each victim's individualized needs at the time of either the initial crisis interventions or follow-up services.  The list below only includes a few partners the unit will refer to.  If you are in need of services, it is recommended that you contact an advocate to discuss your need and determine the best options for you.

Thornton Victim Services Unit


Northglenn Victim Services Unit