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Thornton Recreation News & Information

 Looking for Lifeguards

Would you like to join our amazing team of lifeguards? Apply today and begin your journey as a protector of our Thornton pools!  
Vendors Needed

2022 Season Is Here

Join us throughout the summer where family, friends and neighbors gather to enjoy an evening of fun and entertainment!
CRC Pool

Effective July 3

Our pools are now 100% open! See the complete schedule in an easy to follow chart. Check it out and get your pool days planned!

Portable Playground

For children to color, craft, play with sports equipment, puzzles, board games and more, while enjoying a healthy snack.

 Summer Programming

Activities guides are here! Check out the 2022 summer programming we have to offer in our online guide.  
Vendors Needed

Find A Group

Here's your chance to join a citizen-created and -managed running, biking and walking club facilitated by the City of Thornton!
CRC Pool

Take A Walk

Get outside, get healthy, socialize and make new friends, all while discovering our beautiful trails - led by our Thornton Fitness staff!

Job Openings

Are you currently looking for employment? Thornton may just have the right job for you! Take a look and apply today.