​Adult Health and Fitness Classes

​Nutrition Series

Register for all four classes and receive a 20 percent discount.


Are you having difficulty controlling your diabetes?  Learn how different types of foods, sugar, and alcohol affect your blood sugar levels, as well as strategies for planning and preparing healthy meals and snacks. Fees: $7R/$8NR

​116904-A​Tuesday​January 6​6-7 p.m.​CRC



When hunger strikes, you want a snack!  Although snacking can be an important part of a nutritious diet, it may not be the best habit for everyone.  Learn the pros and cons of snacking as well as quick and healthy snack choices to make. Fees: $7R/$8NR

​116904-B​Thursday​ February 13​9-10 a.m.CRC



Collagen is our body's most abundant protein.  Some research studies show that it may improve bone and joint health; skin, heir and nail quality; and more.  Learn more about what collagen is and whether these benefits are true or just the latest fad.  Fees: $7R/$8NR

​116904-C​ Tuesday​March 10​  6-7 p.m.​ CRC



Getting enough protein is important for everyone as it performs many functions in the body and can help regulate appetite.  However, taking in too much can cause health problems.  Learn the pros and cons of protein, how much protein your body needs, and the best sources for you.  Fees: $7R/$8NR

​116904-D​Thursday​April 9​9-10 a.m. ​CRC


Diabetes Self Management


Join us for a FREE series of four, 2-hour long diabetes group classes.  These classes will help you to develop the tools you need to better manage your diabetes.  Our classes are interactive and involve lively discussions.  Your are welcome to attend one or all four classes.  Feel free to bring your friend or family member for support.  Classes will be led by a registered dietitian from the Tri-County Health Department.  Fee:  Free!

​118305-A​Monday​March 9 - 30​5:15 - 7:15 p.m.​CRC


Journey to Wellness 

Ages 18yrs +

You have important reasons to stay healthy - for your family, your work and more.  Sign up today for this FREE year-long lifestyle change class, that will give you the tools you need to lose weight and become a healthier you.  Reduce your risk of future health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.  Classes will be led by a trained health coach from Tri-County Health Department.

Comments from past participants:
"The class has helped me 100%. I will continue to stay healthy- eat healthy and use this education I have acquired."
"Excellent program. Enjoyed the entire staff as well as those taking the class. Very non-threatening, non-pressure approach was enjoyable."

​118300-ATuesday​2/4/20 - 2/2/21​5:30 - 6:30 p.m. ​CRC

Obstacle Course Training Boot Camp

Ages 16+

Signed up for an obstacle course race and not sure where to start your training?  let Coach Jamie get you primed for your event.  Run, jump,  crawl, hang and climb your way to your first or next race.  During this 7-week program, you will work on strength, endurance, agility and technique in a fun setting!  Be prepared for indoor and outdoor workouts.  Class is limited to seven people!  Fees:  $50R/$61NR

​116702-A​Saturday​March 14 - May 2​9:30 - 11 a.m.​CRC