​Adult Health and Fitness Classes

​Nutrition Series

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While there is no magic bullet for weight loss, there are many new breakthroughs that can help us win the battle of the bulge. Learn some of the recent findings including the effectiveness of popular diets and herbal supplements. Fees: $7R/$8NR

​416904-A​Thursday​January 10​9-10 a.m.​CRC



What you eat has a big effect on how well you can exercise. Learn what nutrients and foods are best for different activities and which foods to eat before, during and after your activity. Supplements will also be discussed in this presentation. Fees: $7R/$8NR

​416904-B​Wednesday​ February 6 ​6-7 p.m.CRC



We think of fiber as that stuff we eat to keep us regular, but fiber has other benefits, as well. Learn about fiber’s role in lowering cholesterol, helping us to maintain a healthy body weight, preventing colon cancer and much more. Fees: $7R/$8NR

​416904-C​ Friday​March 15​  1-2 p.m.​ CRC



While there really are no miracle-workers when it comes to foods that promote good health, there are certain foods are considered nutrient powerhouses. Learn what these power foods are, the health benefits of each, as well as recipes for including them in your diet. Fees: $7R/$8NR

​416904-D​Thursday​April 11 ​9-10 a.m. ​CRC


Diabetes Self Management


Join us for a FREE series of four, 2-hour long diabetes group classes. These classes will help you to develop the tools you need to better manage your diabetes. Your goals may be: Control your Blood Sugar, Have more Energy, Spend Less on Health Care, Reduce Diabetes Symptoms such as Blurred Vision, Headaches and Constant Visits to a Bathroom and Feel Better! Our classes are interactive and involve lively discussions. You are welcome to attend one or all four classes. Feel free to bring your friend or family member for support. Classes will be led by a registered dietitian from the Tri-County Health Department. Free!

​418305-A ​Thursday​January 10 - 31​1:30 - 3:30 p.m. ​CRC
​418305-B​Monday​March 4 - 25​5:15 - 7:15 p.m.​CRC



Ages 18yrs +

Make healthy changes for life! You have important reasons to stay healthy- for your family, your work, your favorite hobbies and more. Sign up today for a FREE year-long lifestyle change class, Journey to Wellness, that will give you the tools you need to lose weight and become a healthier YOU. Reduce your risk of future health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Classes will be led by a trained health coach from Tri-County Health Department. Topics include: Weekly Weigh-In and Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, How to Become More Physically Active, Stress Management and Barriers and Motivators for Change. Free!

Comments from past participants:
"The class has helped me 100%. I will continue to stay healthy- eat healthy and use this education I have acquired."
"Excellent program. Enjoyed the entire staff as well as those taking the class. Very non-threatening, non-pressure approach was enjoyable."

​418300-A​Wednesday​February 6, 2019 - January 15, 2020​5:30 - 6:30 p.m. ​CRC