Conditioning Center at the Carpenter Recreation Center

The weight and fitness equipment is provided for anyone 16 years and older.  Those between 13 and 15 years of age must complete a youth orientation.  The conditioning center is open during all general operating hours of the facility and is divided into three separate areas:  Free weights, circuit machines and cardiovascular equipment.


Bring your FM radio headset to tune in to the TV station of your choice while working out in the Cardio Room.

Walking & Running

The indoor track is located on the third level and is accessible by stairs or elevator. Ask for the door code at the front desk when you check in. Walkers and slow joggers to the inside, runners to the outside. Children under age 12 must be supervised on the track at all times. One mile equals 12 laps in the outside lane. A variety of walking trails are available in Carpenter Park. Several signs are located throughout the park that contain a list of color-coded trails and their lengths.

500-Mile Club

Complete 500 miles walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, stair-stepping or any combination thereof, during a 12 month period and receive a free fitness club T-shirt or water bottle. Keep a record of distances completed using cards available at the Conditioning Center Desk; cards will be kept on file there.

  • Walking or jogging 1 mile = 1 mile

  • Bicycling 4 miles = 1 mile

  • Swimming 1 mile* = 4 miles

All miles must be accrued within the Recreation Center
*72 lengths in the Recreation Center pool is one mile.


Orientation Schedule

Need help learning our equipment?  A fitness orientation might be the right tool for you.  One of our experienced staff members will show you how to properly and safely use our fitness equipment.  For a list of available time slots, please call the front desk at 303-255-7800.

Weight Training Assistance

For the price of admission, trained staff will provide basic weight training assistance to anyone 13 years and older! (13- to 15-year olds MUST have valid Weight Room ID card).  This assistance is provided anytime a fitness attendant is on duty. 

Free Weights

Youth Weight Room Orientation & ID Policy (13-15 year olds)

In an effort to allow 13 - 15 year-olds the opportunity to safely enjoy our weight and fitness equipment, we provide a special orientation for them.  This class, along with Weight Room ID, is a service offered with your daily admission. Prior to scheduling an orientation, 13-15 year old participants must fill out an application and have a staff member verify their date of birth using their birth certificate, state-issued ID or passport. Parental approval is MANDATORY. Applications are available at the front desk.

Equipment Check-Out

The Recreation Center has a variety of equipment available for facility guests to check out from the front desk with a valid photo ID. Some of the equipment available includes:

  • basketballs
  • volleyballs
  • racquetball goggles
  • racquets
  • weight belts

A complete list of all check out equipment and the replacement fees for each is available at the front desk.


Body Fat Analysis

This analysis accurately measures lean body mass by use of the Lange Skinfold Caliper and the Microfit Fitness Assessment System. This can provide personal recommendations for each individual. For more information, call Jan van der Sanden at 720-977-5915. Fee: $10R/$12NR.