Riverwalk Ball Fields

The batting cages experienced some damage from the snow strorm on April 15 and will be closed until further notice. We will give an update as soon as we know more.

Please note: Batting cages will be closed this spring whenever conditions are wet and/or temperatures are 45 degrees or less. 
Please call 720-977-5930 for updates.

​Riverwalk Ballfields & Batting Cages
9830 Riverdale Rd., Thornton 80229

The new Riverwalk Ballfields are now open to the public! Please come join the fun and try out the new batting cage operation! The new community level park and ballfield complex, whose primary use is for programmed, lighted baseball and softball fields, is located at 9830 Riverdale Road. 

The site includes four (4) lighted ballfields, a park component, shade shelters, playground, flush toilets and batting cage operation.

Riverwalk Ball Fields Info