​Adaptive & Inclusive Recreation (AIR)

Meaningful recreation for all abilities!

The program is coordinated by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). Becoming a CTRS requires a 4-year degree (or equivalent experience), passing a national certification exam, and 50 hours of continuing education every five years to stay certified. 

This ensures the AIR program maintains a high standard and follows current trends and issues in the field. By practicing Therapeutic Recreation, we focus on promoting physical, emotional, social, and cognitive well-being and development through recreation and fun! 

AIR Advisory Committee 

A quarterly meeting to share feedback, give suggestions, and get involved with accessibility, inclusion, and adaptive opportunities. Open to individuals with disabilites as well as family members, care providers, and advocates.

Next meeting: Thurs. March 11  5:30-6:30 pm

For questions, please contact becky.post@thorntonco.gov or call 720-977-5702. 


Inclusive Recreation allows people of all abilities, including those with physical or cognitive disabilities to participate together. This promotes diversity and adds value for participants with and without disabilities.

Inclusion Policy

Thornton includes people of all abilities in our recreation programs. We strive to not only meet the requirements of the ADA but to create a welcoming and supportive community. If you see a program offered in the Thornton Activities Guide that you would like to participate in but require accommodation or inclusion support, please submit this Inclusion Support Request Form, answer yes on the related question during registration, or contact the AIR Coordinator directly. An assessment may be completed to determine what type of reasonable accommodations or inclusion support is needed. When possible, please submit requests at least two weeks in advance of your desired start date. For more information, please contact Becky Post, AIR Coordinator at 720-977-5702 or becky.post@thorntonCO.gov. 

Examples of inclusion support/ADA accommodation include:

• Hiring a sign language interpreter for a program
• Providing additional training for general recreation staff
• Developing a behavior support plan
• Providing additional staff support
• Offering adaptive equipment

AIR Opportunities 

Registration is open for winter/spring programs with limited capacity and safety protocols.

AIR is currently hosting drop-in Virtual Hangouts (registration not required) on zoom including socializing, games, and fitness for teens and adults. Please contact becky.post@thorntonco.gov for details. 

We offer a variety of AIR programs year-round. AIR Programs welcome people of all abilities, and are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. Check the Program Brochure for details.

Social Activities

- Youth and Teen Night
- AIR Play Group
- Not your Average Bingo
- Seasonal Dances 

Enrichment Classes and Sports

- Special Olympics Sports   
- Enrichment programs including art, music, cooking, and games  
- AIR Gymnastics, Swim, and Dance lessons
- Fitness programs

AIR Adventures 

Opportunities for individuals with physical limitations to use adaptive equipment. 

- Adaptive cycling with adaptive sport partners
- Adaptive hiking through track chair program at Staunton State Park
- Adaptive rock climbing

Get Involved


AIR is seeking volunteers to help support our programs.  Volunteers may help coach sports, facilitate special events, or partner with individuals with disabilities to help everyone be involved and having fun.  Please contact Becky at Becky.Post@ThorntonCO.gov to discuss opportunities or complete an application online.  

Therapeutic Recreation Internships 

Beginning in January 2021, AIR will be offering 15 week internships for Therapeutic Recreation students. Contact the AIR Coordinator if interested. 

Program Brochure
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