ballet shoes

​Kids and Youth Dance

Registration for dance classes is now ongoing.  You may register for classes as soon as your activities guide comes in the mail.


  • Can I register in the middle of a session?
    • Yes! As long as there is space available in the class, dancers are welcome to register at any time.
  • What shoes do I need?
    • BALLET: Ballet shoes
    • COMBO: Ballet AND tap shoes. Jazz shoes are acceptable for ballet
    • HIP HOP: Sneakers and socks
    • LYRICAL: Lyrical sandals or bare feet
    • MOVING AND MUSIC: Ballet shoes, sneakers, no-slip socks or bare feet
    • CHEER: Sneakers
    • HULA HOOP: Sneakers
  • What should I wear?
    • ALL CHILDREN'S COMBO OR BALLET: Girls should wear a leotard and tights (skirt optional) and boys should wear sweats or shorts with a t-shirt
    • HIP HOP: Athletic or workout attire
    • MOVING AND MUSIC: Anything your child can move easily in. Movement includes walking, jumping and crawling.
    • LYRICAL: Leotard and shorts
    • CHEER: Athletic or workout attire
    • HULA HOOP: Athletic or workout attire



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