Preschool Specialty Classes

​All children must meet age requirement before the first day of the session. Registration is required for every session.
Specialty Classes are offered October - April. 

Registration begins in August.

Delightful Discoveries:

Parent and Toddler- Ages Walking - 3

Parents and toddlers interact with a different content area each week.  Examples include homemade snacks, STEM, music, dance and movement and more.

Maximum of two children per adult. This class does NOT require registration paperwork.  

Please note:  This class will not be  held in the summer but will resume in the fall  ​

​Licensed Preschool Program

The city of Thornton Preschool classes are designed to build upon one another. However, children can enter the program at any of the age-levels (they are not required to complete Beginner Preschool), as each age-level is developmentally appropriate for the designated age group. The curriculum is aligned with the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines (ELDG).

These guidelines include indicators for the children to practice in physical development and health; social and emotional development; English language development; literacy; logic and reasoning; mathematics; science; social studies; creative arts expression; and approaches to learning.

Further information on the ELDG can be found at

The city of Thornton Preschool Program is a continuous program. Limited openings are available for the remainder of the school year. Please call 720-977-5901 to enquire. The city of Thornton Preschool Program is a state licensed program. Completed registration packets, including up-to-date physicals and immunization records from the child's physician, are required before your child can start classes. ALL CHILDREN MUST MEET AGE REQUIREMENT AND BE POTTY-TRAINED BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF THE SESSION.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents enrolling in the Preschool programs:

Required Preschool Forms

Preschool Payment Plan Contract

Licensed Programs Parent Handbook​

​Preschool Addendum

​Click Here for 2020/2021 Class Schedule
  • Preschool Participants: Forms must be returned before the child's first day, if approved to start during the school year.
  • Children will not be allowed into class until ALL forms are completed.
  • Forms must be filled out in their entirety. Please make sure you write something on every line,
    even if it is "NA" or "None".
  • Participants must reach the designated age and be potty trained by the first day of class.
  • Guardians (18 and older) must sign the child in and out of all classes.
  • The city of Thornton Preschool Program is a continuous program, with the exception of
    Delightful Discoveries.

Early Preschool

Ages 3 - 4

This is a stepping-stone for the Kinder Readiness class designed for the child who misses the kindergarten cut-off and will attend another preschool class next year.  Social skills through play are emphasized.  The routine of the classroom, shapes, colors, numbers and alphabet will be introduced.  The class will also introduce sight words, letter, sounds, sentence structure, projects and activities aligned with the ELDG.

Kinder Readiness

Ages 4 - 5

This class is designed for children who are entering kindergarten next year.  In addition to classroom routine and social skills through play, it goes into depth with sight words, letter sounds and sentence structure, skills practice (like cutting and gluing), and activities aligned with the ELDG.  Must be 4-years old by October 1, 2020.