Thornton Dance Teams

Thornton dance teams are part of the City of Thornton recreation department. Team dancers are dedicated to learning multiple styles of dance and engage the community with entertaining performances year round. Thornton Dance team members study a variety of dance styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, ballroom and hip hop. Team dancers also have the opportunity to compete by attending national dance competitions and conventions each season.

The Thornton Dance teams were founded by Kendra Jacobs Keefe and Jessica Gonzales. Over the years the dance team program has expanded greatly and remains under the direction of Kendra Keefe and are supported by a parent run booster club. Additionally, a staff of five amazing instructors work with team dancers weekly, encouraging them to be the best dancers they can be.

Thornton dance brings high quality affordable dance education to the Thornton and surrounding communities. The instructors work hard to teach dancers not only the skills of dance but how to make a difference in the community along with showing integrity and respect to all.

To inquire about recreational dance classes or year round teams please contact Thornton Dance Specialist, Kendra Keefe at 720-977-5937 or

Frequently Asked Questions