iWatch Speed Awareness

Program Overview

The iWatch Speed Awareness program is a partnership between the city and the residential neighborhoods to mitigate speeding in residential streets. 

iWatch Program Overview [PDF/293KB]

iWatch Speed Awareness Toolbox

The iWatch Speed Awareness program provides several tools to address speeding. 

iWatch Toolbox [PDF/1.2MB]

Common Misconceptions About Speeding

Reducing the speed limit will slow down traffic or raising the speed limit will speed up traffic. Reasonably set speed limits increase voluntary compliance by drivers. Speed limits set too low forces drivers into unlawful behavior. Speed limits set too high create disparity in speeds among vehicles on the road, which can lead to car accidents.

Stop signs will slow down traffic. Stop signs may slow traffic near the stop sign. However, speeds between stop signs increase up to five miles per hour as drivers try to “make-up time” from having to stop so frequently. There is also an increase in noise near stop signs.

Engineering or traffic calming (actual diversions or obstructions in the roadway) and enforcement are the only ways to reduce neighborhood speeding. While the city will evaluate the installation of traffic calming devices on neighborhood streets, education is considered to be the first effort to be undertaken. In many cases, drivers become “comfortable” with a particular roadway or become distracted and forget to check their speed.

​iWatch Neighborhoods Receive 

  • Signs entering the neighborhood. 
  • Yard signs and other materials to visibly demonstrate your neighborhood’s participation. 
  • New technology approved for use in Thornton. 
  • The neighborhood listed on the city website. 
  • A direct number to call to report speeding drivers. 
  • Presentations to residents on speed awareness education. 
  • Traffic calming devices where appropriate and as permitted by city budget.

​Joining iWatch is Simple

  • Neighborhoods agree to be our partner. We ask that 50 percent of the residents in a targeted neighborhood agree to participate and sign the iwatch pledge which can be found under the Featured Links below.
  • Residents willing to report alleged speeders and provide Thornton Police with information. 
  • The neighborhood designates a liaison to maintain the partnership and coordination.
  • Neighbors provide speed reduction reminders in their HOA newsletter, website and other publications.