File of Life Information

The Thornton Fire Department is offering free File of Life kits. File of Life is a simple program that could quickly improve quality of care during emergencies.  Individuals can write down and easily update their important medical information on the form and place it where it is easily accessible to first responders in a medical emergency – on the REFRIGERATOR DOOR. A label is also provided that can be used to place on the front door so first responders can see it as they walk in the home.

The file also provides first responders with pertinent information about someone who cannot speak for himself or herself about medical conditions.


It lists all of your Emergency Medical and Health information in one place. Thornton Fire will look for this information when responding to a call at your home. This information can SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Pick up your FREE KITS at any Thornton Fire Station or Fire Administration and the Active Adult Center.  Or feel free to print the sheets yourself by clicking on the links to the right of the page.  They can be easily printed and updated as information changes.

You will receive:

  • File of Life medical information sheet
  • Envelope to hold the medical information sheet
  • Window/door sticker for your home

Be sure to fill one out for each member of your family!  Call 303-538-7602 for more information.

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