Marijuana Licensing Information


NOTE:  This Policy applies only to Thornton's enforcement policies of Thornton's marijuana regulations.  Thornton does not speak for the State of Colorado or the State's Public Health Director.

The State has passed emergency marijuana regulations as a result of one of the Governor's Executive Orders about COVID-19, and the CDPHE's Public Health Orders. The Public Health Orders and the regulations allow "curbside" sale of retail marijuana only.

Thornton's Code has not changed. It requires that retail marijuana sales take place in the "restricted access area" of the store. The State has not defined "curbside."  Given the obvious intent of the order to minimize in-store crowds, Thornton interprets "curbside" to mean that individuals cannot enter the marijuana stores.  Consequently, Thornton interprets the State order to allow a marijuana customer to consummate a marijuana transaction at the threshold of the door ("Threshold Sales") to the restricted access area while the licensee's employees remain inside the restricted area.  Thornton will not issue code violation citations to any of its licensed marijuana retailers for Threshold Sales so long as such sales are done to comply with a public health order pertaining to Thornton businesses.  Licensees must take the steps necessary to ensure that the Threshold Sales comply with Thornton's marijuana regulations during the time that Threshold Sales are permitted.  For example, Licensees must adjust security cameras to see and record the Threshold Sales.  

Hearing Date Application TypeApplicant Name/Address
No hearings


Retail or Co-Located Retail/Medical Marijuana Stores:

The City Code currently allows one retail or co-located retail/medical marijuana store within each geographic quadrant in the city for a total of four stores. The City of Thornton currently has retail marijuana stores at the following four locations:

  • Futurevision 2020, LLC dba Medicine Man Thornton at 130 W. 84th Avenue (Quadrant 1)

  • Rocky Road Remedies, LLC dba Rocky Road Thornton at 3901 E. 112th Avenue (Quadrant 2)

  • Cannabis King, LLC dba Green Dragon Colorado at 5823 E. 128th Avenue (Quadrant 3)

Retail, Medical, or Co-Located Marijuana Testing Facilities:

The City Code allows retail, medical, or co-located marijuana testing facilities within Industrial, Business Park, or Employment Center zoning districts with no limit on the number of locations.